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The properties of herbs and the juices of fruits and vegetables have been recognized and appreciated from the beginning of time. Only since Theophratus Von Hohemheim started using chemicals during the 16th century have people been looking for and depending on medicines artificially prepared from chemicals. People have been mislead by false advertising of the true healing properties of herbs. It seems as though false science has succeeded.

Chemical poisons are now very convenient to obtain and are quick-acting. People have been deceived for a time, but are now seeing the effects of drugs and their after effects, and want to try something different, herbs.

Herbal healing was the first system of healing that the world knew. My grandparents used herbs to detox us, and heal cuts, colds and anything else that bothered us. We did not have a doctor to go to because we couldn’t afford it, so they had to rely on herbs. And to my knowledge the herbs worked. We drink herbal teas, took cod liver oil before winter and summer season to help build up our immune system and to help get us cleanse on the inside. As a child taking herbs I don’t remember getting sick. Today now that I am grown I use herbs for my family.

So why use herbs? They are Nature’s remedies and have been placed here by our all wise Creator. There is an herb for every disease that the human body may have. The use of herbs is the oldest medical science. Herbs are mention in the bible from the beginning of creation and many books have been written about herbs. 


Herbs in the Bible

When God created the world He made a garden in Eden, He placed the tree of life in the center of the garden (Genesis 2:8, 9). On the third day of creation He also made all kinds of plants for foods. (Genesis 1:11, 12; Genesis 1:29) After man was driven from the Garden of Eden and had no access to the tree of life because of Sin. God added herbs to man’s diet, Genesis 3:18. Herbs are one of God’s remedies for humanity. His plan was that everyone would raise herbs in their gardens, and gather those that grew wild and use them when needed.

This is what my grandparents did. We were never got sick and we never called a doctor because we couldn’t afford one anyway. Today I do see people getting back to planting herb gardens, vegetable gardens, and planting fruit trees. They are beginning to change their diets to eating better so they will feel better.

Some of the first things Moses taught the Israelites after they left Egypt was to keep their places clean, wash their clothes and bodies, and discard all harmful  articles including a lustful diet of flesh that was eaten when they was in Egypt. They were taught to use herbs for medicine, Psalms 104:14, Ezekiel 47:12. After Daniel was taken captive to Babylon he refused the kings meat and ate vegetables. Daniel 1:1-16 Solomon, the wisest man that ever lived talks about herbs, Proverbs 15:17.

These are more scriptures that talk about herbs, I Kings 21:2, II Kings 19:26, Psalms 37:2, Jeremiah 12:4 and Deuteronomy 11:10. The Priests in Christ’s time were well acquainted with herbs. They used to take herbs to counteract their gluttonous living, as well as using them for food. Rue, which they used quite freely, is a wonderful medicine to quiet and soothe the nerves and give clearness to the head.  2Kings 4:39, 40 refers to choosing herbs carefully when gathering them. This scripture teaches everyone that when using herbs they should learn to know all about the plants, so that they will not gather the poisonous herbs.

ADDENDUM:  a quote from the FDA Consumer, October 1983, “If you gather your own herbs to brew a cup of tea, be absolutely 100 percent certain that the herb you pick is the herb you seek. There are half a million known plant species, less than 1 percent is poisonous. But it takes only one error.”

This article was published on Thursday 20 October, 2011.
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