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Herbs Misunderstood by MJones

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Herbs are food for the body. Herbs help the body heal itself. They are complete food for man, because they are not man made. Herbs are filled with vitamins, enzymes and minerals.

They have energies and substances that we may never know about or even understand. Herbs can be in live fresh form, or dried to be used later. Herbs can be used in capsule form or as a tea. No matter what form you use to get the food in your body it is necessary for proper distribution of nutrients.

To sum it up herbs are whole food for the whole person. If the body is to grow new tissue it has to have food. Another important thing about herbs is that they are cleansers. When our house needs cleaning we clean it, when the car needs an oil change we change it, when the engine needs cleaning we clean it.

So it is with our bodies, they need an internal cleansing to get rid of all the toxic build up. It is important that we think of herbs as food to feed, cleanse and energize the body. The toxic build up in our bodies causes alot of damage to the cell and other organs in the body. Therefore it is very important that our bodies get a thorough cleansing. That way we want have alot of internal problems that we will have to deal with in later years. Herbs help repair the cells in the body.

This article was published on Tuesday 07 June, 2011.
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